Dear customer

Welcome to Enopoli, the new generation of wine supplier.

ENOPOLI means the city of the wine.
The name is originated from the union of two ancient words, “OINOS & POLIS”, meaning “WINE & CITY”. The company’s philosophy is to offer the opportunity to traders to get closer to the wineries, through an innovative and simple concept, the club.


The club is the answer to the needs of the “on trade” businesses (restaurants, pubs, wine bars, hotels, etc..).
Enopoli supplies quality goods at cost prices which makes it unique compared to other wine suppliers, still guaranteeing excellent distribution and delivery service.

An affordable monthly fee will automatically give the right to traders to access the club-prices.
Enopoli is also able to supply distributors, individuals, and multiples where different and personalized terms of business are applicable.

Join Enopoli and see the real difference in value keeping the Excellency in quality and service!